Medical & Wellness Traveller is the leading UK & European consumer & industry magazine published by Holborn Media, which is wholly dedicated to the Medical & Wellness Travel industry.

Europe's first and only consumer magazine dedicated to the area of Medical & Wellness Travel, established in 2016.

The magazine focuses on:

  • Providing trusted, factual information for anyone with an interest in medical treatment
  • Promoting the idea of going overseas to receive medical treatment and raising awareness of the industry
  • Encouraging positive perceptions about the safety and quality of medical treatment abroad
  • Giving up-­‐to-­‐date information about the world’s leading medical facilities of clinical excellence
  • Being a source of information for businesses interested in medical travel
  • Promoting how to live a healthier & longer life.
  • The Wellness Industry - we explore the best locations for wellness travel
  • Healthy lifestyle topics, such as fitness, nutrition, organic products etc
  • Preventative Medicine
  • Detox, Anti-aging, De-stress, Weight Loss treatments

The medical travel industry has seen huge growth in recent years: ageing populations; longer waiting lists in government-run health systems; and the increased availability of cutting-edge technology and procedures abroad, have made the prospect of travelling for medical treatment increasingly popular.

But medical travel isn’t just about people going overseas to receive surgery and other procedures. It also covers those travelling for alternative therapies, spa and wellness facilities as well as anti-ageing treatments.