Medical & Wellness Traveller is the leading UK & European consumer & industry magazine published by Holborn Media, which is wholly dedicated to the Medical & Wellness Travel industry.

Europe's first and only consumer magazine dedicated to the area of Medical & Wellness Travel, established in 2016.

Who are Holborn Media Ltd?

Holborn Media is a publishing company based in London formed in January 2016.

The CEO of Holborn Media is Ruth Taylor.

Ruth Taylor is also the CEO of Operations Abroad Worldwide Ltd - the UK's Leading Overseas Healthcare Provider. Operations Abroad Worldwide was established in 1999 and was the first UK medical company to arrange for a patient to have medical treatment abroad and since then has treated over 50,000 patients.

Ruth has over 20 years experience in the Medical Tourism market having successfully built operations abroad worldwide into a leading international healthcare provider for patients from all over the world seeking medical treatment outside of their country of residence.

Ruth found that there is a great lack of knowledge about healthcare facilities and treatments abroad with many people being unaware of the high standards of treatments offered throughout the world.

There are also so many destinations abroad which are unknown for medical treatment and their high standards.

Also there are surgery techniques & procedures readily performed abroad which are unknown in the UK and not available due to many things like costs, surgeon availability and expertise.

With more people than ever before travelling for medical reasons, we found there is a pressing need for greater information on the subject.

So.. Ruth's vision was that a magazine specifically focusing on Medical Travel, Spa Travel & Wellness was needed to engage and inform readers about the standards of medical treatments abroad and to really raise awareness about the medical travel industry.

Editor's Welcome from Ruth Taylor

"One of the main aims of the magazine is to raise awareness about the medical travel industry in general, as well as educate and raise perceptions amongst readers about the safety and quality of medical treatment outside of the UK.

The information presented can also help those currently considering travelling overseas for medical treatment to make an informed choice.

In keeping with these aims we ensure all information is accurate, up to date and written by industry experts.

It is the only UK consumer magazine for people with an interest in travelling abroad to receive high-quality medical treatment.

The magazine also provides a business to business focus for companies looking to enter the market or for companies already established in the marketplace who wish to increase their customer base.

The magazine delivers articles written by absolute experts in the medical travel and healthcare industry who have over 20 years experience in the industry.

The magazine focuses on:

  • Providing trusted, factual information for anyone with an interest in medical treatment
  • Promoting the idea of going overseas to receive medical treatment and raising awareness of the industry
  • Encouraging positive perceptions about the safety and quality of medical treatment abroad
  • Giving up-­‐to-­‐date information about the world’s leading medical facilities of clinical excellence
  • Being a source of information for businesses interested in medical travel
  • Promoting how to live a healthier & longer life.
  • The Wellness Industry - we explore the best locations for wellness travel
  • Healthy lifestyle topics, such as fitness, nutrition, organic products etc
  • Preventative Medicine
  • Detox, Anti-aging, De-stress, Weight Loss treatments

The medical travel industry has seen huge growth in recent years: ageing populations; longer waiting lists in government-run health systems; and the increased availability of cutting-edge technology and procedures abroad, have made the prospect of travelling for medical treatment increasingly popular.

But medical travel isn’t just about people going overseas to receive surgery and other procedures. It also covers those travelling for alternative therapies, spa and wellness facilities as well as anti-ageing treatments.

I hope that you will find the content of the magazine engaging, informative and an interesting read"

Ruth H. Taylor, CEO