The UK's Leading International Healthcare Provider

With their network of 80 world-class internationally accredited hospitals spread throughout 40 countries around the world and their outstanding reputation for success, Operations Abroad Worldwide is the UK’s leading overseas healthcare provider.

Over the past 19 years this formidable company has helped more than 60,000 people travel abroad to receive the finest quality medical care, helping them beat the long and painful waiting times of the NHS and get the treatment they so desperately need. Amazingly, they have had no post-operative complications to date and have achieved some of the highest full recovery success rates in the industry.

Services and Hospitals

Operations Abroad Worldwide provide an extensive list of treatments and procedures across a wide-range of medical specialisms. Whether you require a simple check up, diagnosis for recently developed symptoms or treatment for an on-going medical condition, and whether it’s in the area of ophthalmology or oncology, Operations Abroad Worldwide can help you. More often than not, appointments can be made immediately and without the referral of your UK GP, meaning no waiting times and in many cases a mere 24- hour turnaround between diagnosis and treatment.

Any hospital they work with undergoes the most demanding and thorough selection process prior to being chosen.

The results - hospitals that boast:

  • Latest Innovative Medical Treatments
  • Minimally Invasive Surgical Approaches
  • State of the art, fully integrated operating theatres
  • Rigorous infection control policies - meaning clean, sterile environments with minimal infection risks
  • Internationally renowned specialists of all medical disciplines
  • Highly qualified and dedicated nursing teams
  • English-speaking staff
  • Luxurious accommodation in private, en-suite rooms with modern amenities
  • Gourmet Meals with a focus on healthy, nutritionally balanced meals

Standards and Benefits of Service

What the company prides itself on above all else is providing a truly personalised level of care, where the individual patient is always at the heart of the process, ensuring they are treated with the utmost empathy, dignity and respect.

Importantly, Operations Abroad Worldwide provides a service that not only benefits their individual patients but also the NHS more widely.

More patients traveling to private healthcare facilities overseas means less people on NHS waiting lists, which in turn means a quicker service for remaining patients and makes referral to treatment targets more manageable. It also helps to save valuable resources and money for the NHS, as well as providing patients with a wider choice of services.

The total care package price includes diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and 12 months aftercare, and the company arranges every detail of your trip for you; making an extremely easy process for you.

Working to the highest standards and delivering excellence in every aspect of care, Operations Abroad Worldwide offers a first-class medical travel experience and should be strongly considered by anyone looking to have medical treatment abroad.

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